About Us

Founded in Hong Kong, FINDA Group has established subsidiary operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Beijing and Guangzhou in order to satisfy its growing business needs. The company brings together financial regulatory technologies (RegTech) and IT talents from the region and has developed core competency in the areas of biometrics such as facial recognition algorithms and big data analytics. Through the combination of Self Service Terminals such as ATMs and kiosks and software system solutions, FINDA provides financial security solutions, risk monitoring and control solutions, business process optimization solutions etc. for government departments, financial institutions and corporations alike.

Cooperating with different governments in the region, FINDA provides banks and merchants with KYC-enabled POS terminal devices and SST (Self Service Terminal) ATM (Automatic Teller Machines), in order to achieve Strong KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance.


Human Facial Recognition

To capture the facial images or videos through camera and matching these against the trusted data source images (such as government ID photo) to authenticate the identity of the person. Applicable to real person and identification verification, 1-To-N identity verification etc.

Application Use Cases

• Open a financial account remotely by taking a portrait photo, matching with the image library of the respective Authorities, and to authenticate the identity of the person.
• Access control verification. Capture a person’s real-time facial image and compare it with the database to determine whether access is allowed/denied.
• Attendance record, to identify the identity and attendance time registration by collecting the live facial image.

Information Verification

Authorized by the authorities, the encrypted information will be parsed and obtained for the specified documents (such as the China 2nd Generation ID card) and then sent to the authorities for verification. The contents of the verification include verification of authenticity of information, blacklist verification, and authorization verification

Application Use Cases

• Hotel check-in, identify the 2nd Generation ID card, and conduct public security information verification

Facial Liveness Detection

Through the principles of near-infrared, 2D/3D structured light source etc., to implement the positioning and tracking of the facial image and to determine whether the target subject is a live subject, picture, video or a model.

Application Use Cases

• ATM overseas withdrawal, facial recognition can be used to make sure that individuals using ATMs cards are who they say they are, preventing fraudulent operations.
• Integrated banking services that could authenticate the identity of the person carrying out the operations, thus preventing unauthorized individuals from committing frauds.
• To verify the real-person with the facial image, providing a real-life identification for access control, attendance registration, etc., to eliminate the possibility of fraud.


The Certified Accreditation Processing System is a trusted financial system solution developed by FINDA for the financial industry. The system integrates biometrics detection, image matching and other technologies to quickly identify individuals through biometric features.